Glass and ceramic

Last update 13 July 2023

Vetri e ceramiche

Museo Civico of Palazzo Farnese owns a valuable ceramic and stone collection, gathered thanks to the donations of private collectors.
The glasses collection

The glasses collection of the civic museums is mainly due to the donation of Pietro Agnelli from Piacenza (1885); indeed, he had the opportunity to find many Venetian glassworks during his chairmanship of the Appelate Court of the lagoon city.
The collection is composed by several pieces that show the history and the different Murano glass-working techniques from the XVI to the XVIII century, brightest period for the Murano glass production.

Ceramics at Palazzo Farnese

The ceramics collection of the Civic Museums includes majolica and porcelains made by Italian and foreign manufacturers between the XVI and the XIX century.
The section starts with two valuable blue majolica plates with gold decorations from the set of Cardinal Alessandro Farnese. Below you can see artefacts coming from excavations in the city and in the surrounding area. These artefacts provide interesting insights for the history of ceramic production in the Piacenza area between XVI and the XVIII century. Another important core is the historical collection of the museum, created thanks to the donations of Pietro Agnelli  and Carlo Anguissola ; it includes some of the main Italian manufactories, mainly from Lombardy and Veneto.
In the glass-case in the middle of the room, the Besner - Decca donation  is exposed; it has increased the historical collection with a widespread evidence of ceramic art in Italy and Europe. It is mainly constituted of Lombardy majolica of the XVII century, in particular from Milan and Lodi factories. Among the foreign manufacturers, German and Austrian in primis, there are alse several porcelain pieces from Europe and China.


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